Keeping Up


“Their house looks like a magazine.”

“Oh, these people are always traveling to exotic places!”

“Wow. They’re really ahead of us in life.”


Just stop. Right now. You know what you’re doing.

Comparisons drive us nuts. Well, at least they drive me nuts so I’m assuming it drives you crazy too. I must admit that recently, I’ve been falling victim to myself. I’ve said all of the above, either out loud or in my head. The one that has a tendency to get me the most is the “ahead in life” comment. The truth is, you are where you are in life because that’s where God has you. Sometimes it’s hard to accept what God has given you in life. Things get hard. Life slaps you around a bit. You whine, complain and cry out to God, “Why me?!” The truth is, God has you. He always has, He always will.

As much as I want to sit around and complain, it does me no good. So here is my solution for the comparison conniption.

1. Be Thankful

I always begin my prayers with thanking God for all that he has done for me.  After that, I usually pray about my needs and/or wants. I feel like it’s really important to remind yourself of how blessed you really are, even when you don’t feel like it.

2. Be Humble

After being thankful, I always feel humbled. My troubles seem quite trivial compared to others. Also, being humble has a way of making you feel content.

3. Be Generous

Giving is fun. Often times I am reluctant to give because I feel that I need the money more than whoever I’m giving to. When it comes down to it, it’s God’s money anyway. So, when I feel the urge to give, I do it.

4. Be Hard Working

When I see myself heading down the comparison or jealousy road, I always try and remember that those people who are rich and have everything, worked for it. You won’t find a leader or wealthy person who hasn’t worked hard for it. Working hard also helps you feel accomplished. While I may not have made millions of dollars today, I did finish all the work I had on my plate and it feels just as good.

5. Be Awesome

Remember that you are awesome. Look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself, ‘I. AM. AWESOME.’ Why? Well, because you are. God made you. That makes you awesome.

A peaceful heart leads to a healthy body;
    jealousy is like cancer in the bones.

– Proverbs 14:30 (NLT) – 

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