Yeah, I’m a front-loader. Whenever I go on a trip to Ghana I try to front-load my work schedule to allow for change. My schedule is an ever evolving item when I’m here. You just never know what you’re going to run in to on a particular day (rain, running sound, goats, cipro, climbing three stories of stairs at least a half a dozen times). I’m flexible though. I move things around and try to stay fluid. Life works better that way. I get way more done than I thought I could. Today I’m particularly proud that I was able to, by God’s grace, get my entire list crossed off save for one item. To make it even better, I crossed off two things I had scheduled for different days. So I came out ahead!

I’ve learned a lot in all my trips this year, but the most valuable thing I’ve learned is to keep moving forward. Keeping my schedule fluid allows me to do this. Not fluid as in I have copious amounts of free time, but fluid in the sense that I try to maximize every moment. I’m only here for a short time and there’s a lot to do!

How do you maximize your time? 

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