My Annoying Experiment

I love doing random experiments. Two Sundays ago I Face-booked my…well…face off. It started out as fun and excitement for the Redskins and RGIII. However, shortly in to my postings I decided to see what would happen if I post almost every play. Not putting all the details out there but just posting. It’s safe to say that I “over-posted” or “over-shared” but that was the point. I’ve put out small survey for people to take and so far the responses are, in my opinion, hilarious. People are legitimately upset about the number of posts in their feed. I mean…I admit…I annoyed myself with this experiment but it made me think quite a bit about how we view social media and how big of an influence it is in our lives.

Now you think about it.

How much does social media influence you?

How many hours do you spend on social networks?

Why did my over-posting hit a nerve? 

Here’s what I think. We put A LOT of stock into our social media. We place value on it. Whether we want to our not. From people that over-post to those that have a Facebook but don’t use it, EVER. It’s all about the amount of time you’re willing to give it. I think the more time you give it, the more annoyed you were with my posts. In the long run, does it matter? Nope. Why? Because everything fades so quickly. Anyway…That was my experiment.

Experiment Entries:
View My Annoying report!

Food for thought:

+Try limiting the amount of value you put on social media. You’ll be surprised at how less stressed you are.

+Spend some time reading a book. An actual book. Not on a Kindle or an iPad. A real life book. Something you can’t tweet or post from. You’ll be glad you did.

+Relax. It’s Facebook, NOT real life.

+Place more value on your real relationships. Your in-person relationships. Those will matter more.

+There used to be life without social media. Try writing a letter, with a pencil and paper to someone close to you. Send it in the mail. Trust me, it’ll mean much more than an email or Facebook post.

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