I followed along with all the blogs and the video feed from cNET on the launch of the iPhone 5. I guess some people would say that I’m an Apple “fanboy.” I do like their products. I think they’re great and that they work as advertised. However, their upgrades in recents years have been just that. Upgrades. Not a new phone. Yeah it’s slightly different in design or has a faster chip but it’s nothing like revolutionary like when the first iPhone came along.

One big let down for me was all the leaks. The iPhone rumors and stuff actually ruined the experience for me. I loved Apple’s super secret ways. They seem to have left that. I’d like to blame it on the death of Steve Jobs but that’s just lame. I think these guys need to fix the leaks.

I also feel like Apple is behind the curve. Not way behind but lagging. I don’t like it. I also respect it. (I have a strange love/hate relationship with Apple.) I like the fact that they do their own thing and don’t apologize for it; they just create an adapter. On the other hand I feel like not having NFC or not including LTE until this phone is being behind. Samsung has had these features for almost a year. It just feels like an incremental upgrade instead of a brand new phone.

I’ve been tempted to switch form the Apple ecosystem to the Android one. However, in all the reviews, professional and friend reviews, everyone says it’s not worth it. Android is too buggy and just not worth the time. So…will I get the iPhone 5? Yup. I will. I’ll love it. Care for it and maybe even brag about it but until someone comes out with something better I’m sticking to Apple.

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