Christmas Dinner


What do you normally have for your Christmas dinner? Ham? Turkey? Tofu? Tofurkey?


Whatever it is, I’m sure you are probably already looking forward to it, but I guarantee your excitement pales in comparison to that of the kids at Agape Children’s Home! Meat is not as common in Africa as it is here. Most people commonly rely on beans and eggs for protein, while meat, especially chicken, is reserved for a special occasion. A local favorite is a restaurant called Papaye’s, similar to KFC. It’s been the annual tradition for several years to celebrate Christmas Day with a day of fun at the Whitcombs house involving volleyball, games, cookie decorating and most importantly, Papaye’s. Some of you may remember  that I was able to visit Ghana for Christmas last year thanks to many generous donations. Everyone was so generous, in fact, that I was able to use the excess money to help fund the Agape Children’s Home Christmas party.
I will be returning to Ghana again this Christmas with my wife, and we would love nothing more than to be able to help provide the funds for the Christmas dinner once again. In order to do that, we need your help! Our goal is to raise at least $900 that will go straight to Agape Children’s Home to help purchase a Christmas dinner from Papaye’s and purchase presents for all the children and children’s home staff. Last year the Christmas party was scheduled on December 26th, which is incidentally my birthday. We spent the whole day focused on playing with the kids, loving them and celebrating with them, and I’ve got to tell you, it was by far the best birthday I have ever had. The joy of giving to those who have lost so much far outweighs anything I have ever experienced.

I also encourage you to think about sponsoring a child at ACH. Want more information? Click Here.

-Mike and LaDonna


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